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Before the news media, the country, and the United Nations knew his name, he was just Mike Mike.

Michael O.D. Brown was eighteen, black, unarmed and gunned down in broad daylight, around noon on August 9, 2014, in the middle of Canfield Drive by a Ferguson police officer. In the days that followed, no police report was released, only a video by the Ferguson police department assassinating Michael’s character. His brutal killing sparked protests all over the country, gaining international attention and support.

But before the news media, the country, and the United Nations knew his name, he was just Mike Mike, as family and friends affectionately called him. From the moment he arrived he wasn’t just the apple of his mother’s eye, but he was adored, dotted over, and loved, by both his maternal and paternal grandparents, who helped with his rearing. He was a beautiful surprise – this first son, first grandson, and first nephew.

Today, like a phoenix, rising from the bitter ashes the fires of Ferguson left behind, his mother, Lezley McSpadden stands strong. She is a survivor, as she continues to fight for justice for her son. She is also calling for equality, an end to racial profiling, and for a change in the laws of how our county police’s ALL citizens.

Our Mission


As catalysts for multi-sector systemic change, We Love Our Sons & Daughters Foundation will build capacity at the intersection of 4 core outcome components: Justice, Health, Education and Family.

Advocates for Justice – reduce the rates of recidivism by improving communication between socio-economically challenged communities and law enforcement while transforming public policy systems to reduce incidents of police brutality and other misconduct.

Improving Health – reduce chronic preventable diseases germane to low income communities experiencing disparities of care by increasing health education, literacy and improved access to both physical and mental health care support.

Advancing Education – build self-efficacy and capacity of children of by strengthening academic, social-emotional learning and life skills necessary for positive, healthy youth development where young people receive mentoring, grant assistance for continuing education so they can compete and thrive in preparation to make contribution to the workforce.

Strengthening Family – develop skills, build assets and increase opportunities available for financial literacy, economic empowerment and education for single mothers, parents and/or extended family members connected through the lives of children so to identify, stabilize and sustain the resources needed to engage in building healthy families and healthy communities.

Our Team


Lezley McSpadden


Justin Hansford


Justin Hansford-Director
Isaiah Melendez-Director
Brittanie Moment-Director
Louis Head-Director

Desmond Leong, CPA
Thurmond Brooks, CPA

Thayer Weaver