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Michael O. D. Brown Learning Garden


Our Michael O. D. Brown Learning Gardens are dynamic outdoor classrooms and productive edible gardens, installed in underserved schools around the St. Louis area. These gardens will help kids dig into their education, thrive with real, nutritious foods and healthy habits, and become active participants in strengthening their communities. Each school and community is unique, which is why we make our gardens customizable.

How do I use a Learning Garden?

Learning Gardens are inviting outdoor/indoor classrooms where teachers get inspired and students can engage in creative learning. In addition to teaching and growing food in the garden, teachers are invited to explore unique and creative teaching opportunities in the Learning Garden. The Michael O. D. Brown We Love Our Sons & Daughters Foundation can provide schools with ongoing support to ensure that the school community is able to fully benefit from the Learning Garden. We are committed to providing teachers with training so that they feel confident and effective at using the space as an outdoor classroom.