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Honoring the Legacy of Michael O.D. Brown

Earlier this year, the Michael O.D. Brown We Love our Sons and Daughters Foundation announced the inaugural Micheal O.D. Brown scholarship. To celebrate the honorees, we recently gathered at Webster University for the Michael O.D. Brown Scholarship Dinner for an evening filled with heartfelt stories, inspiring speeches as Lezley McSpadden-Head awarded 15 St. Louis teens … Continued

Michael O.D. Brown 28th Birthday Celebration

On May 20th, we came together for a special celebration at Barnett on Washington to honor what would have been Michael O.D. Brown’s 28th birthday. For the first time since his passing, Lezley McSpadden-Head chose to publicly celebrate this day, focusing on the life and legacy of her son. The evening was marked by the … Continued

Lezley McSpadden, In 3-Way Race For Ferguson City Council

Nearly five years after Michael Brown’s death sparked protests and a movement over police treatment of African-Americans, his mother, Lezley McSpadden, is running for a Ferguson city council seat in the southern part of town where her son died. “I hope that people will see that I’m still standing after all that I’ve been through,” … Continued

Michael O. D. Brown Learning Garden

These gardens will help kids dig into their education, thrive with real, nutritious foods and healthy habits, and become active participants in strengthening their communities.