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Mike Brown’s Mother on Her Run for Ferguson City Council

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Lesley McSpadden, 39, is a warrior. 

The nation saw her grieve and rage unapologetically when her son, Michael Brown Jr., 19, was gunned down by then Ferguson, Mo., police officer Darren Wilson, on August 9, 2014.

We saw McSpadden refuse to be silenced, refuse to be moved, when the anticipated not-guilty verdict came in. And we cheered her on when she went back to school and earned her high school diploma in 2017.

Now, McSpadden is on the ballot today in Ferguson, running for the 3rd Ward city council seat that, if she wins, will give her oversight over the same corrupt police department that killed her beloved son.

The 3rd Ward needs somebody who’s going to mingle with the people. You can’t make change from a distance. If you don’t know what your constituents are going through, if you’re not there to hear what they’re saying, how can you lead these people and make decisions for these people?

Lezley McSpadden told Huffington Post

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